Rebuilding popular emails

It’s time to make this blog into something a little more interesting…

One of the most useful resources to email marketers is the popular website Really Good Emails - it’s a great resource for finding inspiration.

One of the most interesting features is being able to view the source code of each email to see how some of these emails are created “under the hood”.

What I find curious, and frustrating, about the code used for emails is the amount of it to create simple layouts - some of these emails are well over a thousand lines of code! But also the number of table elements still being used. We should be moving on from this misconception that everything needs to be a table.

So I thought I would take a look at some of the most popular emails on Really Good Emails and re-build them in the way that I like to author email code, explaining the rationale behind my decisions and why I like to build emails in certain ways.

I'll start writing & posting a few of these over the next few weeks.

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